Monday, August 27, 2007

Day Two of Fuck Yeah! Fest IV (Echo Park, CA)

Pardon the abudance of Pissed Jeans and Langhorne Slim photos, but after an exhausting Saturday night at the Fuck Yeah! Fest, Sunday by contrast offered slim pickings for those not into the traditional indie rock crowd, and the most attention-holding acts were those who packed testosterone and bounce into their sets. Pissed Jeans in particular wound up carrying the surprise "wow" factor of the second night, what with front man Matt Korvette attempting to pull off the Iggy Pop approach to performance (see above photo). He actually managed it quite well, though his abs lacked Iggy's creepy muscle definition and his hand lacked a piece of cut glass.

Korvette could fade from a grimace to a gaze in an instant, and could just as easily adjust from an ironically dainty hop to a doubled-over strain with nary a cue. He lent views of his bent ass to those on the sides of the Echo's stage and gradually lost his shirt, as well as pieces of his boxers, which transformed into a torn caveman-style shoulder strap as he wedgied his way through them. And once the performance had nearly completed, he poured some Arrowhead into his belly button, because cleanliness is next to godliness, and God always has a clean belly button. By the way, go see Pissed Jeans if they arrive at a city near you. Meaning Philadelphia, at the moment.

Other members of Pissed Jeans? It's true!

Sunday seemed a bit more inconsistent than Saturday, what without a major headliner of the night (say what you will about hype, but Deerhunter is no punk reunion or conclusion, as we'd gotten at the end of Saturday). The Nice Boys played a set at the Jensen Rec Center early in the evening, but save for the four or five people dancing up front, the crowd wasn't feeling it and the presence of daylight may have been to blame. The large space by the front of the stage made photographers look horribly out of place, as well. Nonetheless, the group was energetic and on, despite their collective lack of blazers this time around, though they did boast a pair of snazzy patterned pants and a leather jacket among them. As far as later sets go, xBxRx did a fine job of leading up to Pissed Jeans like a group of perky purple rabbits. The exception being their bassist, who played outsider in a strobe light on a strap and a furry white hat (and, I'm sure, other things requiring the use of a short letter "a"). Jay Reatard was fun and poppy, though more reminiscent of a '90s pop punk band than the much quirkier and worthwhile recordings he's got. Local band Moonrats sweetly thanked an anonymous donor for cupcakes but didn't stick out much in their brand of formulaic indie rock. They looked rather young, though, so they've likely got time to develop. And like most of the night's other acts, they were nice.

Luckily, Langhorne Slim came in to save the day and give the second night a bit of a bang; performing as a now-standard trio with bassist Paul Defiglia and drummer Malachi DeLorenzo (Langhorne has done solo sets in the past), the band saved us from further developing hipster apathy with their brand of Appalachian-style folk rock, and made the most of each minute that they so carefully tracked out loud. The interesting thing about Langhorne, and perhaps my favorite tidbit about him, is that while he may not actually be from the boonies, he really seems to write lyrics to live by and encourages others to live them alongside him. After last night's sung suggestion to ditch the coat and hat and pursue a happy life until the day we grow very, very, very old, he invited the audience to come up and dance onstage for a final celebration with his band. And when the abundance of people somehow cut off energy to his once-plugged-in guitar, someone onstage kneeled over to plug it in again, after which point Langhorne kissed his head and the guy kissed him back. Fuck yeah, it was a night of love!

Pissed Jeans - A Bad Wind
Buy Hope for Men

On a side note, the Nice Boys' "Very Mary" 7-inch was not available for purchase at the Fest, but said brand new single is currently on their My Space page for listening purposes. Hurrah!

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