Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A bit too much love.

I recently sent away for Issues 1-8 of The Big Takeover, and much to my delight, the eight issues had been a mere five bucks because The Big Takeover was once – no, not a thick, colorful magazine – a 'zine made from typewriter, pen and photocopier, printed on plain paper. The debut issue, in fact, was not even a full 'zine but a single-page newsletter about what the Stimulators were up to in 1980. Yes, Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid has transformed from young, underfunded music dork with cross-outs in his writing to middle-aged, decently-funded music dork with clean typos in place of cross-outs. But that's why he's my recent hero, and I'm thankful to know that he's consistently used exclamation points and made additional editor's notes regardless of his publication's phase.

In any case, Rabid also packaged my back issues with a CD-R of music, partially to promote The Big Takeover's recent record label (Pink Frost/Big Takeover Records), and partially to fill in leftover space on the CD. Included was a hearty selection of music from his own bands past and present (Even Worse, Springhouse, and Last Burning Embers, the latter of whom have a current release on the Pink Frost label); there were also inclusions from Pink Frost artist Doug Gillard (former Guided by Voices) and Libertines U.S., a 1980s Cincinnati band initially called the Libertines who were given a healthy reunion interview in Issue 60 of The Big Takeover.

Yes, some of this (ahem, Springhouse) is a bit dated, and yes, releasing your own music on your magazine's label is a bit indulgent. But '90s music was doomed to be dated, and...hell, it's your label and your magazine. Here's to sharing.

Even Worse – Contaminated Waste
Even Worse – We Suck
Springhouse – Enslave Me
Last Burning Embers – Distress Call
Doug Gillard – Symbols, Signs
Libertines U.S. - Bad Memories Burn

Find any of the above at the Pink Frost/Big Takeover website.

And support The Big Takeover! It's one of the few great print music magazines in the US!

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