Friday, August 24, 2007

Bea Arthur and Tom Brosseau!

Two weeks ago, the World of Wonder's storefront gallery in L.A. (6650 Hollywood Blvd.) hosted the second installment of its Art in August program, featuring Golden Gals Gone Wild, an exhibit that is what it sounds, curated by Lenora Claire. I've nothing more to say on this, other than...check out the Mona Lisa smile on that Bea Arthur!

In really fucking exciting news, I'd like to say a few words about Tom Brosseau, the talented folk singer who hails from North Dakota and occasionally resides on Fat Cat Records. First off, he has another album coming out this October, so before it gets released, you should check out his record from this past January, Grand Forks, which was (in my opinion) his best yet and vastly underpublicized. The next thing: from 2004 to 2006, I'd been working as a music director at my college radio station up in Tacoma, Washington, and on occasion got to record in-studios with artists. One day in 2005, Tom Brosseau showed up and I recorded a set of four or five songs he performed, most of which had yet to be released. Figuring our station was the only place where those songs would be played, I didn't give much thought to those recordings until visiting Fat Cat's website today and discovering that one of those recordings made it onto their In Sound sampler of the month. The recording he chose to include, in fact, was a version of "Amory" (on the upcoming Cavalier) that he dedicated to me! And as luck would have it, he kept the dedication in the recording that made it to the sampler. Well, fuck. I dunno what to say at this point, except that you should buy his upcoming record when it comes out October 22/23, as well as Grand Forks. Also, go see him on tour, and download this sampler since it's only up for a limited time.

And yes, for the record, he is quite possibly the nicest person who ever held a guitar.

Tom Brosseau - Amory (live at KUPS 2005)

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