Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And now he can move out of his grandma's house.

So. According to those gossipy NME folks, Carbon/Silicon (Mick Jones of the Clash and Tony James of Generation X) will finally be releasing a real, physical studio album on October 8, called The Last Post. Now, if you've had a look at the band's discography page at any point, you'd notice that they've got loads of releases. However, read the fine print and there's all this nonsense about such and such release being "the second set of impossible to release earliest studio recordings" or "given free at the first studio gig" and thus not for sale. Or, even more entertaining, "the Third officially released Carbon/Silicon download album" (all three were allegedly free). So perhaps the title of that upcoming record is an indicator that the end is nigh, or at least the end of a download-only era for them. My guess is that Mick sat down and said, "Well, fuckall, it's about time for a paycheque." In any case, have a bit of a listen - Mick's voice has hardly changed at all.

Carbon/Silicon - T.F. Madness
Carbon/Silicon - Pier 51

And if you're interested, several more tracks can be found here.

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