Thursday, July 19, 2007

New things in the works.

So. This dreamy photo of the Constantines' Bryan Webb (which you can find alongside an interview between Webb and Nerd Litter here) is in celebration of the news that the Constantines will be recording a fourth album this August. May it be a welcome dose of MAN during this horribly long period of soft, androgynous vocals and folky pop. Nothing against folky pop, of course...

Q: Who else, ranked among musical greats, has a new album coming out?
A: Siouxsie Sioux! According to CMJ, Sioux will release a solo debut (yes, it's true!) on October 2 via Decca Recordings, and the record will be called Mantaray. She and the Banshees were obviously around for decades, but if you don't own any of their records and want to get a head start before the solo release, I will highly recommend Kaleidoscope, The Scream and Peepshow. Not only did the band make some great, dark post-punk, but it's really fantastic to listen to Peepshow right after The Scream and notice how much Siouxsie improved as a singer between 1978 and 1988 - she started off with a pretty punk sound and developed into a real singer with a gorgeous, dramatic voice. Good stuff, give 'em some listens.

Speaking of new albums in October, Celebration's got a new one coming up. It'll be called The Modern Tribe, out on 4AD, and apparently they're previewing new shit during their opening slot for TV on the Radio in Brooklyn (The McCarren Park Pool) on July 29. Is it just me or is Celebration everyone's opening act? I saw them do some great opening sets last year and the year prior, opening for Blood Brothers and TV on the Radio - they're really heavy on percussion and frontlady Katrina Ford's got a Karen O-ish way of perfoming, quite a fun time. Mysteriously, she's also got Karen O's weak chin. But she's a good leader nonetheless. Good god, someone give these kids a small headlining tour, for chrissake. Anyway, rants aside, new album. October.

Is M.I.A. a big deal anymore? I'm a bad judge of these things because I like guitars, personally, though I hear those Justice kids are a big hit these days. In any case, M.I.A. is scheduled to play a show at the Echoplex in Echo Park on July 30, provided there are no visa issues this time 'round. Only lousy catch? It's the same deal as with the Buzzcocks' upcoming show at Spaceland, where you've got to buy tickets at the door the night of the show. Criminy.

Also, if you're looking to financially support Minnie Driver, Good Will Hunting on DVD is a better investement than her new album.

Constantines - On to You
Constantines - Arizona
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House
Celebration - New Skin (video)

No M.I.A. or Minnie Driver here. Sorry, M.I.A. and Minnie Driver.

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