Friday, July 20, 2007


There'll be some lengthy text soon - many promises of this. However, today brings more brief and thrilling music news. It's a season of great tours, you know.

First and most importantly, July 25 will not see conflicting Los Angeles dates with the Saints at the Echo and the Nice Boys at Spaceland - July 25 will instead see the Saints and the Nice Boys playing together! In a generous move, the venue is keeping the ticket price a fantastic bargain at eight bucks, though the Saints are currently listed as an opener for the Nice Boys. Odd act placement, though both bands are fantastic and will make for a great pairing regardless of who gets placed where. If you can't make it on the 25th, the Nice Boys will be doing a second show at Pehrspace on July 26 (325 Glendale Blvd. in Echo Park). And if you need an alternate Saints date...well, they'll be at the Mercury Lounge in New York on July 29.

Who's going to be at the Viper Room on August 8? Yes, that's right...Hanson.

Jennifer Gentle, the fabulously loopy Italian(s) named for a line in my second favorite Pink Floyd song, are also on tour! The entire schedule can be found at Prefix Magazine, or alongside a few bits of musical madness on their My Space page. Their L.A. date will be at the 6th Street Warehouse (1269 E. 6th Street).

And, though not related directly to live concerts, the Mods and Rockers festival will be ending on August 1. Taking place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, the weeks-long festival will have shown double and triple bills of great music-related films, some of which go highly recommended. Last week I had the chance to see a '60s London set that included very early footage of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd in the studio and a look at the lovely dollybirds of London. Upcoming are films on Stax Records, Bob Dylan, and the Cleveland punk scene, among others. Full schedule here.

The Saints - Orstralia
The Saints - Do the Robot
The Nice Boys - All Our Good Times
Buy a ticket to see the Saints and the Nice Boys at Spaceland.

Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam


Travis said...

Hanson just played here and Im kicking myself for not going. Though fter the charges, I think tickets would have been close to $40. Almost worth it. Almost.

Stephen said...

Hanson's also had their fingers in L.E.O. which is pretty good in a derivative sort of manner.

China said...

Travis, I'd kick you for not going if it were possible. And Stephen, what's this L.E.O. you speak of?