Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cuddly bits.

It's a fun day in fluffy entertainment news.

First, one to be psyched about - an animated film featuring the voices of Iggy Pop and Catherine Deneuve is in the works. It's called Persepolis, and Iggy's gonna play an uncle. Never mind Iggy, though; once this comes out, we can take a poll on whether Persepolis ranks among Catherine Deneuve's best work (the list thus far is comprised of Repulsion, The Hunger and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Hunger taking the cake for the sole fact that she plays lover to both David Bowie and Susan Sarandon after Bauhaus play and vampire bites are had). About that movie, though. Brief story at NME here.

Another one from NME that brings news both good and bad; Phillip Chevron of the Pogues has throat cancer at present (many positive wishes for him on this end), though the good news regarding the Pogues is that there'll be another brief US tour this fall. News of Chevron and tour dates are here.

In slightly happier news, the Wombats are finally coming! This is the most frighteningly adorable guilty pleasure of a band one could possibly have at the moment. Tour dates include not one, but THREE stops in Los Angeles - August 6 at the Roxy, August 7 at Cinespace, and August 8 at Spaceland. Complete schedule can be found at the band's website.

In even happier tour news, the ever-fantastic Buzzcocks are not only one of the headliners of this year's Sunset Junction festival, but will be headlining a show at Spaceland on August 17 (the Adored and Easy Image open). Spaceland tickets are only sold at the door for the night of the Buzzcocks show, but Sunset Junction tickets may be purchased here. Buzzcocks play on Sunday, August 19.

And finally, also in happy tour news territory, stoner-rock/pseudo-metal band Midnite Snake is FINALLY touring outside of Pennsylvania. Check the tour schedule at Birdman's website. Regarding L.A. dates, they'll be playing at the Smell on July 24, and though they're doing some dates with Night Wounds and Phantom Family Halo in various states east of here, there's no word yet on who will be sharing west coast dates.

The Wombats - Little Miss Pipe Dream
(No full length to buy, it appears, but via their website you'll eventually be able to buy these sweet ass cuddly stuffed wombat things, which might be better in the long term, since stuffed animals tend to outlast musical taste.)
Midnite Snake - Bigfoot '69
(Birdman's offering a really fucking great deal where you can buy both Midnite Snake's self-titled and Shaving the Angel for twenty bucks plus zero postage. How nice. They're my favorite label, so... support 'em)


Travis said...

oh man, the lineup for Sunset Junction this year is killer! Who would ever think that one would get the chance to see Morris Day and the Time at the same place as the Buzzcocks?? And the Parson Red Heads! And the Bronx! Best lineup Ive seen for the festival.

China said...

The Parson Redheads are frightening and cult-ish live. But the Buzzcocks and the Time? Almost too good to be true - five bucks says the Time drops out at the last minute due to "family emergency" or something absurd.