Friday, July 6, 2007

Bits of newsy things.

Undoubtedly, you've heard by now about the crazy promotion being done for the upcoming Simpsons movie, in which branches of mini-mart 7-11 around the country are being dolled up to look like Kwik-E-Marts. I finally had the chance to drive by one last night, at the corner of Venice and Sepulveda in Culver City, and yes, there happened to be a long line in front of the store. If you're curious as to where to find one, the Kwik-E-Mart whereabouts are listed here. Oh, entertainment industry, what power you hold.

In other news, insignificant in the greater scope of things...

Rumor has it that gracefully aging Australian punks the Saints will be at the Echo in Echo Park on July 25. A frustrating date placement, given that modern power-poppers the Nice Boys will be at Spaceland on the same evening. The Saints MAY be prepping a tour, as they have officially confirmed a July 29 show at the Mercury Lounge in New York.

The Slits are also returning to the US! Tour dates are listed at Prefixmag, and though there are only six dates thus far, one of those stops will be an August 3 performance at the El Rey in Los Angeles. There were many "what the hell?" moments when the reunited group made it to the Troubadour last fall (i.e. Ari Up swinging her helicopter dreads and wearing a neon swimsuit; Tessa Pollitt dressed like a mom in sweats; guitar straps being held by duct tape; the group being twice as big as its original lineup; Up reminding the crowd that the Slits were trendsetters); surely there'll be some memorable moments this time around. The Icarus Line opens.

Batty ol' girl Nellie McKay will be at Largo on July 12, promoting new album Obligatory Villages and no doubt sharing some words about the music industry. With a smile, of course.

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