Friday, June 22, 2007

Stubble-heads and so much more.

Feeling a bit uninspired by music at the moment, so I've just got a few bits and pieces here and there for the day. Bullet form it is!

*What does not appear in the LA Weekly this week that did appear last week? A preview of Sinead O' Connor's performance at the Silent Movie Theater, in which Libby Moyneaux begins with the words "Ol' stubble-head is back."

*I've been snapping up older music magazines as of late, and in the Jan. 22, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone, there contained a readers' poll in which Rolling Stone readers named Oasis' Be Here Now the best album of the previous year. Interestingly enough, OK Computer and Prodigy's Fat of the Land were #2 and #3, respectively. Nine years later, I wonder if those voters are still sticking with that order.

*The collection of early Nick Drake songs that's supposed to be here but was pushed back to July 10, Family Tree, is wonderful. Much simpler than his complete albums, obviously, not to mention that he'd fine-tuned his voice just a bit before recording those full albums, but this really highlights what a talented guitar player and songwriter he was. His mom and sister also appear on this as well - mom Molly Drake's original, "Poor Mum," is a highlight. Buy this now. Also, I'd found out about the documentary on him, A Skin Too Few, unfortunately too late to catch a screening of it in Los Angeles last year, and as of yet there's no DVD of it. However, someone's been grand enough to post the first twelve minutes of it in two parts on YouTube a while ago. To watch:
Part I
Part II

*If you happen to be in L.A. and like to venture downtown, the Art Murmur gallery is currently hosting a photography exhibit on men in drag, by Austin Young. It's quite a good time! Had a chance to see it the other day and was wowed by the vibrant colors, Jeffree Star portraits, and music video that Young had also prepared. The gallery's open between Wednesday and Saturday, 12-6pm, and is located at 129 E. 6th Street in downtown L.A.

*Finally! This air guitar business seems a big deal at the moment, and it appears yours truly will have the chance to see the L.A. Air Guitar Championships at the Key Club in one week. With luck, I'll return with many photos and few scars. You can check out air guitarist C-Diddy here. Notice that he suddenly switches from a right-handed guitarist to a left-handed one? Ah well, I suppose you can get away with anything if Hello Kitty's on your side. More on this to come.

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