Friday, June 1, 2007

...another reason to leave America.

If you are lucky enough to live near Leeds and witness this fantastic pairing at a mere cost of six pounds, I envy you greatly and would like to A) Urge you to go, or B) Do a quick and temporary housing swap with you.

David Thomas Broughton - Ever Rotating Sky
The Twilight Sad - Talking with Fireworks/Here, It Never Snowed


Clark said...

Sometimes living in the U.K. isn't enough. Leeds is too far away for me (I live in the not so sunny Midlands) but i'm going to recommend this gig to my friend so thanks for the heads up.

p.s. Full marks for the blog, the layout is lovely :)

China said...

No no no, the way I see it, if you can drive up the entire length of California in a day (approximately 14 hours), surely you can drive across England in less time. :)

And many thanks from me and the knit print.

Matthew said...

You can certainly drive across England in less than fourteen hours (although Newcastle to Exeter might take a little longer) but the cost of attending this gig then goes from £10 for the ticket and £10 for beer to £10 for the ticket, £10 for the beer, £40 in petrol, and then maybe somewhere to crash as well.

This coming from someone who often doesn't make the trip through to Glasgow (50mins on the train, from Edinburgh) to see groups because the cost of the journey puts a £5 gig into the £15 bracket, which is a bit much for the sort of small group that tends to charge £5 for a gig.

Now what I really meant to say was that the Twilight Sad are an excellent band, I've heard they're superb live, and I will have to wait until September to see them. Gah!

Matthew said...

Erm, by crash, I mean 'sleep'. Not something to drive your car into after drinking £10 worth of beer.