Thursday, June 7, 2007

...and on an up note.

Well, now that I've gone and pissed off my third musician in three years and mentioned untimely death (no relation between the two), it's about time to pick up the mood and discuss the wonder that is Los Angeles. Because it is an amazing place, even if we are about to see another drought. Today's LA Weekly was chock full of interesting music news - here are some highlights to note:

Bad News First: House of Records in Santa Monica and Sea Level Records in Echo Park are both closing down soon. Unless Amoeba manages to hang on to its spot (which it very well may), L.A. may have zero record stores left in the next five years, as they all seem to be disappearing one by one. Many hopes that Freakbeat and CD Trader get to stay put for a while.

*Hugh Cornwell is going to be at the Roxy on July 9. He's got quite the seductive voice.

*Enrique Iglesias will be at the Virgin store at Hollywood and Highland on June 12. Some say that he, too, has a seductive voice.

*The LA Pride Festival, taking place at the West Hollywood Park (647 N. San Vicente) this weekend, will feature musical appearances from Joan Jett, Josie Cotton (!), Berlin, Tiffany (!!), and Martha Wash (!!!). Also, there will be mummification, S&M displays, and karaoke.

*He finally did it - Conor Oberst is now officially a serious musician, and has secured a spot for Bright Eyes at the Hollywood Bowl alongside the LA Philharmonic on September 29. If you can only attend one Hollywood Bowl show this year, though, my vote goes to Rufus Wainwright singing the songs of Judy Garland, for which he'll hopefully have stuffed in a few drinks for authenticity's sake.

*Finally, while Maystache is no longer for the next eleven months, there appeared two summer concert ads - one for Silverchair, the other for Incubus - in which both bands were completely moustachioed.


Travis said...

Man, amazing that Amoeba may have to move. I hadn't heard that. I have such a love/hate/hate/hate relationship with that store. Their prices are horrendous, they were (and still are) the direct cause for so many great used cd shops to close, and it just feels like a wearhouse in there. But man, can you ever find some rare shit there.

Did you know that the owners of the almighty CD Trader are looking for new owners? I got an email about it some months ago, but don't know if anything came of it. If anything happens to that store, my reasons for visiting LA will continue to diminish.

And now Sea Level is going to close? Ugh, that was a nice store, too.

I'm going to be in LA in a couple days. Wanna hang out?

China said...

No no, Amoeba's not moving. I was thinking out loud that Amoeba will be the last store in LA to find actual CDs/records, unless they wind up closing down, in which case we'll only have the internet. Stupid internet.

You should move back here and buy CD Trader! God bless that store, though...

And yes, I definitely want hang out time - I only have your old old number on my phone, though, so fix that!