Thursday, May 10, 2007


Forgive all the storytelling these days, but I've been in the mood for it, and there're all sorts of exciting bands and projects making the rounds lately. Today brings promises and tomorrow brings reviews. Until then, a recommendation.

Dos is returning to the Smell on May 20, opening for XBXRX. I've never been a Mike Watt nut, nor could I tell you the history of Black Flag's bass players, and that's what the internet's for. But on a personal note, I randomly came across a Dos set earlier this spring, also at the Smell, and left the venue feeling strangely fantastic (for the record, they'd played alongside Silver Daggers, Black Fiction and Antelope, rounding out the best show I'd ever gotten for five bucks off a stinking alleyway). Consisting of former married couple Mike Watt and Kira Roessler, two electric basses and loads of innocent joy, Dos is by far one of the most pleasant artists I've ever taken in. As is, the Smell is a little hole of a brick-and-wood warehouse, but to watch two bass players with obvious long-term chemistry make sense of organized jams next to a ratty old couch in said hole is bizarrely exciting. Watt was the fluid one, showing some Walter Matthau-esque facial expressions with a slowness that matched his movement. Roessler, doing double duty on voice and bass, was like the child to Watt's father, wearing an elf-ish getup - large jersey-as-dress over tights - hopping to each beat while Watt filled in her gaps. "Dream of San Pedro," from Justamente Tres, epitomized their relationship beautifully. Woessler's voice isn't magical or anything, but just as the two formed Dos to show that the bass could play lead where a guitar normally carries weight, it seemed that voice was only meant as a backing instrument to boost the depth of those basses, just as a bass traditionally boosts a guitar and voice. The most unexpected thing about watching them, though, was that, post-set, Roessler raised her bass in the air while receiving the crowd's applause and proudly turned that applause over to her instrument. I'll be damned if this isn't the most loveable band on the planet. Go see them on the 20th.

Dos - Willow Weep for Me
(purchase Justamente Tres here)


Unknown said...

Mike Watt is great. He has a tune titled "Piss Bottle Man" about his pop. It touched me in oh so many ways. I literally came. I really enjoy your blog, whoever you are! I really enjoy your stories, you seem like an interesting person to know. I bet people called you Ching Chong in high school didn't they? I would have. -Courtney Love's former dildo

Unknown said...
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