Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Last call.

It's finally here - New Moon is released today, and (unless Elliott Smith is doomed to be the next Tupac or Biggie) will be the last Elliott Smith material ever released. I know he passed almost four years ago, but I'm still a bit sad that this is the last we'll hear of him. I first found out about Elliott Smith when he played "Miss Misery" in that hideous white suit at the Academy Awards in 1997; my mom loved it and picked up the Good Will Hunting soundtrack to hear more, and though she ended up putting that CD aside after a few weeks, I rediscovered Elliott during my freshman year of college, going nuts and getting my hands on any material of his that I could. I tend to be a bit stoic, so what really grabbed me about him was that he was the first musician who made me realize how strongly music affects my emotions. I mean this quite seriously, too - I spent the first half of college in a moderate state of depression, and I think some of that might have been relieved, had I not sat in my room listening to Either/Or on repeat!

Anyway, he died about a year after that, and beyond all the rare live material there was to download, the only thing to look forward to was his final album. But then there was New Moon, and thus another small something to savor. He was a brilliant guitarist and songwriter who made the most of a limited voice and had a knack for sweet sounding covers - "Thirteen," "Jealous Guy" and "My Sweet Lord" all turned out wonderfully in live settings, and perhaps there'll be another crop of live material to officially go out for release one day. Until then, there're the bootlegs that old fans are tossing around.

Purchase New Moon.
Listen to clips of Roman Candle, my favorite Elliott Smith album

Elliott Smith - My Sweet Lord (George Harrison cover)
Elliott Smith - Jealous Guy (John Lennon cover)


Travis said...

i dont think this will be the last material ever released by Elliott. I have some original songs of his that he played live but never appeared on any cd. So I still have faith that other songs will be pieced together.

China said...

Like I said, he could very well be the next Tupac. I hope so, too.

Unknown said...

Is that Missy Misdemeanor Elliot? Beep Beep, Elliot's got keys to the Jeep. What is deep urethral sponge action anyway? Oh yeah I'm bipolar I should be sterilized. Nevermind