Thursday, April 19, 2007


Got to see Aereogramme, The Twilight Sad and A Northern Chorus last night at the Knitting Factory. That venue's got terrible sound, being that too many speakers plus lots of wood equals too much echo. Not only that, but with simultaneous shows in the main room, AlterKnit Lounge and Front Bar, every time someone opened the door to the main room and walked in, the show in the Front Bar could be heard - Aereogramme had quite a time fighting off that problem.

Anyhow, terrible sound meant that during the Twilight Sad's set, drums and bass were too loud and guitar too soft, at least from in front of the stage, and while I love it when a drummer rides his snare and cymbal so that they overpower everyone else on stage, the Twilight Sad's post-rock quality meant that they were a rare band that should have had the guitar up louder than anything else. Nonetheless, they were wonderful to watch; singer James Graham practically makes love to his microphone - grips the thing with both hands, keeps his eyes closed and mouth attached to the mic, holds the stand very close to him and keeps a hold of it when he's done singing his share of a song. He appears to have terrible social skills and stage presence, but he's incredibly beautiful

Aereogramme was excellent all around, as well as 80% bearded; vocalist/guitarist Craig B. was humble and played up the underdog quality of the band.

Sample dialogue between Craig and audience, as follows:

Craig: We're going to play some new songs now.
Audience: (silence)
Craig: That's where you say "woo."
Audience: Wooo!

Granted, the audience wasn't even at half capacity, and a good chunk of us were either drunk or tired. But once they played "Indiscretion #243," some response finally gathered up, particularly from one guy in front, who essentially bent forward at a 90 degree angle every time he nodded his head to a beat. A Northern Chorus, though performing to no more than 20 or 30 people, did a lovely opening set complete with plucked cello and violin strings, and were also quite humble, not to mention Canadian-accented.

Aereogramme - Living Backwards
(Purchase My Heart Has a Wish that You Would Not Go here)
The Twilight Sad - That Summer, At Home I Had Become the Invisible Boy
(Purchase Fourteen Autumns Fifteen Winters here)
A Northern Chorus - The Millions Too Many

(Purchase The Millions Too Many here)

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