Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Semi-fresh meat to poke at.

So, when you've got a lot of free time to dig around My Space and the internet in general, you wind up discovering some interesting music. I, however, tend to ignore the interesting and instead seek out garage rock or pop. These are pretty worthwhile finds, a couple of them unsigned. You, too, should waste a little time on them!

White Rabbits
Based in: New York
Label: Say Hey
*Doing a show with Harlem Shakes on Apr. 7 and touring with Richard Swift in late April. Their vocalist, in fact, sounds a bit like Richard Swift. Tour schedule can be found here.
*The band's official website contains this video flyer from last autumn. Generally, it will either make you nauseated, aroused, or a bit nervous. I'm still undecided.

The Marked Men
Based in: Denton, Texas
Label: Rip Off, Dirtnap, Shit Sanwich, Swami
*Essentially sounds like every garage rock band on Dirtnap Records. A lazier way to recommend is to note that Black Lips fans will probably be satisfied.

The Ape-Shits
Based in: Austin, Texas
Label: Unsigned!
*They sound like a harder version of the Time Flys (who sound like a Germs/Unicorns hybrid).
*They've got a 7" split from last year, released with the Gash on Big Action Records.

Bootleg Poets
Based in: Coventry, UK
Label: Unsigned!
*Shit sound quality, shit level of originality, but hard and fun, sounds quite young (no poem intended, by the way).

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