Monday, April 9, 2007

A rare update on Midnite Snake.

If anyone had bothered following Midnite Snake around - they being the token cock-out stoner rock band on Birdman Records, whatever the title of "stoner rock" suggests - you'd notice that they haven't released much or cared to make a name for themselves. All they've got is a live album (Live at Gooski's, from 2005) and a self-titled studio album from the year prior. Well then! The group's got another child in the oven, called Shaving the Angel. It's named for the song that appears on Live at Gooski's and is set for a May 21 release, also on Birdman. Additionally, Midnite Snake plans to have a festive release party on May 25, which they say will take place in the woods in the valley between Oakland and Bloomfield (around Pittsburgh, for you Pennsylvanians). They also say there'll be bonfires. Hey!

If you're a fan of Oneida or generic sloppy metal, Midnite Snake just might be for you.

Midnite Snake - Oral Sex Part 1 (Preview and purchase Midnite Snake)

Tour dates and audio samples at MySpace

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