Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My head's in a cloud!

Well, golly. This is my first post from ol' grey Seattle, Washington this week, and already I've got some interesting things to tell. First, the items unrelated to music:

1. When visiting the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, you may run across a drug store called Hiron's. It's got so much colorful, discounted crap running through it that it's impossible to collect a sense of focus and look at all the junk there in any particular order. Like Rite-Aid for the traditional grandmother. Good god.

2. Market of Choice is a yuppy grocery store chain in Oregon. They've got dreadful cannolis but lovely faux sushi and cupcakes. Also, yuppy grocery stores are abundant in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Youth hostels are less exciting than they sound, particularly when you're sharing a room with an older lady who clears her throat for an entire night and gets up to arrange the next day's outfit at 3:00 AM.

And of course, the musical note (allow me this single pun, as I am too tired at the moment to have any regard for coolness and wit).

1. During a visit to the Capitol Hill branch of Everyday Music, one of my very favorite record stores, I snagged several goodies, said goodies being this, this, this, this, and this. Coincidentally, I now recommend all of them and will post MP3s when I'm not feeling so sluggish (damn you, grey clouds!).

2. Upon a visit to my old college radio station today, I discovered that a former DJ from last year has finally put out a full-length album. Not only is he a talented lad, and not only does he have very nice manners for someone below 20 years of age, but his record features a bit of work by Sufjan Stevens himself and is being promoted by Pirate!, a fabulous radio distribution company in Boston. Said well-mannered lad is Will Lulofs, soon to be known as Will Stratton, and he is certainly worth supporting.

3. Due to my inability to navigate Seattle, I was not in attendance, but as it turned out, The Vicious performed a show at all-ages venue the Vera Project this evening. The Vicious is a new project of Sara Almgren, former keyboardist and sole source of estrogen for The (International) Noise Conspiracy. However, T(I)NC is now estrogen-free (a rhyme!), and Sara is now a guitarist for "that other band from Sweden." It can now be said that The Vicious has performed in the US, regardless of how poorly shows are advertised in Seattle. Their remaining tour dates, as follows.

4/26/07 - The Know - Portland, OR
4/27/07 - Balazo (2183 Mission) - San Francisco, CA
4/28/07 - The Clinic - Los Angeles, CA
4/29/07 - Munoz Gym - Bakersfield, CA

4. Finally, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Seattle's ever-evolving performance artists/musicians, are also on a west coast tour in the next month, and dates are as follows.

5/11/07 - Vera Project - Seattle, WA
5/19/07 - Someday Lounge - Portland, OR
5/24/07 - Holland - Reno, NV
5/25/07 - Fais Do Do - Los Angeles, CA
5/26/07 - 21 Grand - Oakland, CA (tentative)
5/27/07 - Amnesia - San Francisco, CA

Will Stratton - Sunol (Purchase What the Night Said)

Degenerate Art Ensemble - Oni Goroshi (Preview and purchase The Bastress)

The Vicious - Blinded (More audio samples here)

Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan Blues (Not on The Madcap Laughs, but a grand time nonetheless)

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