Monday, April 16, 2007

Lessons from the floor.

Fran Healy of Travis. Aw, shucks.

I learned a few things whilst concert-going last week, whether being dragged or going at my own will. A few tidbits, if you'll allow.

1. A Killers concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles is exactly what you would expect from a Killers concert at the Staples Center - glitter all about, a terrible echo bursting up the walls so that no sound is clear, and an audience full of KIIS FM listeners antsy enough to do The Wave while waiting for the show to begin. No band-to-crowd interaction. Too many lights. The crowd stopped moving when the band played a Joy Division cover but started up again right after. Essentially a giant, hellish disco between several thousand and the dirt on Brandon Flowers' lip.

2. Hella, with its current lineup, appears to be John Belushi and two singing tomatoes in front of a cluster of melted up cymbals (in fact, both backing microphones were fitted with tomato masks - and beautiful they were, complete with eyelashes!).

3. The KCRW fest last Saturday at the Gibson Ampitheatre, aside from serving as proof that radio DJs are not amusing hosts, was actually extremely on all night. Lily Allen - as should be expected - is an ironically cutesy lush. James Mercer of the Shins appears to be the saddest frontman in the world. Rodrigo y Gabriela are beyond amazing and will put your hands to shame. And KCRW listeners are quite nice people, it turns out, until they're sitting in front of you at a concert, making out and smelling like beer and fruit roll-ups.

Also, much to my delight, Travis turned out to be the surprise guest at Saturday's KCRW concert. Of all the admittedly lame, '90s appropriate, adult contemporary bands I love, Travis is probably one of my top two or three favorites. Fran Healy is also quite a charmer, and mentioned that he was excited once he found out he'd become a dad because it meant that he wasn't yet "throwing blanks." How nice for him and Mrs. Healy. I was particularly excited to see them at this show because I'd seen them headline the Ampitheatre seven years ago, when they were touring for The Man Who and Fran had just announced his new engagement. To see your favorite musicians grow up to be real men is such a sweet, sweet thing.

Travis - The Weight

Travis - Where is the Love

The newest Travis album, The Boy with No Name, will be available May 8.


Travis said...

you know, im not sure ive ever heard a song by travis.

China said...

Well, a lot of their songs from The Man Who or The Invisible Band just might make you swoon. Their first album is surprisingly poppy but "Happy" will get you all giddy-like. I think they're adorable...