Friday, April 13, 2007

Carl and Petey share a jig!

Photo by Andrew Kendall

Well, this is potentially exciting! The Hackney Empire in London played host to An Evening with Pete Doherty last night (sounds rather Paul Anka of Pete, doesn't it?). After half a set with guests like Bert Jansch and, of course, solo performances, Carl Barat joined ol' Pete on stage and played a whole crop of Libertines songs with him. I didn't care much for that last Babyshambles EP nor do I see Dirty Pretty Things lasting much longer than one more album - the first album's already in the clearance bin at Amoeba - so I've got the fingers crossed that this is the sign of a Libertines reunion to come.

Also, not to promote the NME over and over again (though I find it more amusing than anything, so why the hell not?):

Article on Pete's gig last night is here.

NME blog, complete with photos of hugs and a clip of Carl tap dancing to "Dream a Little Dream of Me," is here.

And speaking of the Libertines, Dead Flowers re-posted an interview with their original 50-year old drummer as well as a few early Libertines songs. Interesting stuff.

The Libertines - Horrorshow (live, Jan 2003)

Preview and purchase Up the Bracket if you haven't already got it, which you should!


Eleanor said...

I can completely understand your perspective with the Libertines solo-projects.. but I was always skeptical of a reunion.

But yes, it is an encouraging development.. and I'd be thrilled if some recording took place and there was even a third Libertines album. Imagine that!

And btw, that NME blog is a total farce. With its redundant updates every 10-15 seconds. REALLY.

China said...

I imagine there'll be a brief reunion that ends after two shows or something equivalent - the chemistry's not as good with everyone's newer bands, "Libertines forever," and surely they've got the itch as much as their old fans. But it won't last because Pete's got issues and Kate Moss will get in the way.

And yeah, the NME does get to be a bit overboard with tabloid-style, irrelevant news development, but I liked getting a chance to have video and photo from the show, being so damn far away! Besides, the NME is always so frighteningly excited over tiny news bits that they almost get me excited, too.