Friday, March 2, 2007

The next Pete Doherty?

Well, this bites a little. Apparently those visa issues the View were having related to the arrest of frontman Kyle Falconer a few months back. Now it's reported that Falconer was fined "£1,000 for possessing £150 of cocaine" and will make it nearly impossible for his band to get back to the states. Yesterday the NME reported a claim by his defense lawyer, that Falconer's cocaine was "handed" to him by "music industry insiders."

Fish? Does anyone else smell fish?

The US release of the View's debut album, Hats Off to the Buskers, has already been pushed back to May, and a rescheduled tour is being attempted to coincide with the rescheduled release.
*A note, April 9: The rescheduled tour has also been canceled. The View may never see the US again.

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