Thursday, March 1, 2007

Georgie James and a mess of famous faces.

Last night's Spaceland adventure was unusually exciting; I'd been invited to see Georgie James, the newest project from former Q and Not U member John Davis, and in addition to the unexpectedly Mates of State-ish merry pop the band provided, I got to watch some randomly placed celebrities prance around. Har Mar Superstar supposedly did a DJ set, though I failed to spot him. Fabrizio Moretti, however, did provide a DJ set and - though quite the flirt and just as handsome in person - the man could certainly use a sandwich. Also in need of a roast beef fix was an extremely tiny Kirsten Dunst, frantically dancing near the DJ corner, feet away from Sia. Kelly Osbourne walked in looking quite dark and serious, as did Giovanni Ribisi, who looked around and then tried to hide near the back of the bar. He's also handsome in person, though he's still got those sleepy/stoner eyes. But enough of fame - you'll hear about it with a touch of well-articulated wit in the NME next month.

As for the show, keyboardist/vocalist Laura Burhenn pulled off the '60s mod look and pranced around her keys without giving off the slightest pretentious vibe. How nice! She and John Davis also serenaded the audience for a stripped down few minutes while their drummer figured out what to do about a kick pedal. Opener the Outline, a bunch of young boys from L.A., were a bit on the emo/alternative-circa-2000 side. Until they suddenly busted out the synth and turned dance-punk on us, anyway. Fantastic energy, though, and I got an eyeful of the drummer's boxers once he stood up and revealed he was pantless. They were striped, if you're curious.

P.S. Georgie James have a blog. How cute.

Georgie James - Grizzly Jive

And just because...Q and Not U for PetaTV.

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