Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Exciting goings-on in the lovely land of musics.

Some things.

*Before it started taking on indie rock - Fiery Furnaces, Andrew Bird and We Are Wolves, for three - Fat Possum was home to many fantastic blues artists. As of now, they've re-released the vinyl version of R.L. Burnside's Come On In and have just started offering a vinyl version of Chulahoma, the excellent EP of Junior Kimbrough songs covered by the Black Keys. Both are extremely worthwhile and each is available here and here, respectively.

*MTV will be taping Total Request Live twice a week to air between Monday and Wednesday live broadcasts. How will this affect the Tuesday and Thursday countdowns? No more rushing home from school on Thursday with a last-minute Nelly Furtado or Fall Out Boy vote, 'cause it's already been decided. Shame.

*St. Patrick's Day found ENORMOUS East L.A. band Ollin covering the entirety of the Pogues' Rum, Sodomy and the Lash at Spaceland - an annual tradition for them at this point. Not only did the group outnumber the Pogues by approximately three members, and not only did the Spaceland audience show a rare enthusiasm for dancing, and not only does Ollin have an album coming out later this year (the buildup, oh, the buildup!), but Jon Wahl of Jon Wahl and the Amadans plays sax with them, as it turns out.

The Black Keys - Meet Me in the City (MP3)
R. L. Burnside - Been Mistreated (MP3)
Junior Kimbrough - My Mind is Ramblin' (MP3) ('cause hell, it's a great song)
Purchase or listen to clips of Sour Suite by Jon Wahl and the Amadans.

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