Tuesday, February 6, 2007

We love you!

Could it be true? In continuation of good things being spewed from the loins of the lovely folks at Damaged Goods, there's apparently going to be a tribute album for spunky Damaged Goods artist Helen Love. Super! Girl's Own states that in addition to making the tribute its first release, fans can contribute to the album. The site has posted lyrics and a live MP3 for track "Yeah Yeah We're Helen Love," and if you, the fan, e-mail an MP3 or WAV file of your a cappella singing to supergirlsown@googlemail.com, you may be one of many voices contributing to "the ultimate tribute song fan sing-along." Additionally, photos you submit may be included in a promo video for the project.

The album itself will be called Helen Love: We Love You, named for the pow-pow-bang-bang track that you can find fer cheap on It's the Cheap Damaged Goods Sampler CD, squished between goodies from Holly Golightly and the Budget Girls.

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