Wednesday, February 7, 2007

...they fell from the beanstalk.

Why can't every band have a limited recording budget? Lo-fi garage rock makes the world go 'round, and Seattle trio the Fe Fi Fo Fums are a fabulous albeit bitty chunk of its makeup. Hooray for fabulous bits!

The Fe Fi Fo Fums recently completed their In the Summertime EP, available on Boom Boom for five measly bucks, but if you, cheapskate, would rather give 'em a listen first, here ya go. "Electrofize Me" is a previously released 7", and "Jackie Be Good" is near the end of Rock and Roll Dance Party's Valentine's Day 2006 show (from Long Island's WUSB, god bless 'em). The rest of the Rock and Roll Dance Party show's got a great playlist, so quit whining and listen all the way through while you wait for the Fe Fi Fo Fums to show up.

Also check out the Fe Fi Fo Fums on MySpace for a stream of "I Just Want to Have Some Fun!" off In the Summertime.

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