Friday, February 9, 2007

Promoting music, ten days after the fact.

So, amidst all the publicity given to the Stooges (new album! new album!) and Bloc Party (frowns here and there), a few quality releases got a bit overlooked in the last week or two. Let's have a look at releases of Jan. 30, yes?

Anticon released this solo debut LP from Chris Adams (of Hood) after a half-decade relationship by association with the label; in 2001, Hood had released Cold House, a collaboration with Anticon floaters Odd Nosdam, Why? and Doseone. According to Anticon's website, Adams had wanted to make a "one-off piece of music with the brief that it had to sound exactly like a pop band being frozen solid and then shattered into a million pieces." Thus, Bracken, a project he allegedly runs out of "a home studio located in the heart of Leeds' bustling crack district." This one actually reminds me a bit of Multi-Panel, quite pretty.

20-year old Zach Condon's follow-up to the gorgeous Gulag Orkestar of last year, which had earned a ton of hype that quickly died down. Unfortunate that the excitement was hushed, because this EP is just as beautiful (if not more so) than its full-length predecessor, what with the project being the lush work of an eight-piece band. Horns, ukelele, and a few polka-influenced beats make this the work of someone far more mature than the typical 20-year old. This was presumably not recorded in a crack district.

I'm a sucker for garage rock, and this is about the sloppiest, most cheaply produced, goddamned wonderful thing you can find on a respectable label like Birdman. Their first record, Fly, had been produced by lo-fi king Greg Ashley (of the Gris Gris), and this second record flows perfectly after the first, whether it's got the name behind it or not. "Shark Song" is a highlight. The Oakland band, to note, will be touring with fabulously glam labelmates the Nice Boys in the very near future. (Detailed Twang was nice enough to give this one a mention)

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